Write an essay on Current Issues in General Aviation and Aircraft Operations

AERO 1010 Introduction to Aerospace APA Paper specifics READ CAREFULLY ☺ • Due on Friday, October. 22th by 11:59pm central. Submit through the dropbox labeled “Research Paper” on D2L.Late papers will not be accepted. The University Writing Center (UWC) is located in James E. Walker Library, Room 362 Call 904.8237 • Must score 19% or lower. A 20% or higher score for the Turnitin report will result in a zero for the paper. The Turnitin tool is turned on for you to submit prior to paper submission. You can submit to this as many times as you like. I will know the LAST submission is the one you want me to grade ☺ • Must follow APA 7th edition guidelines. Some helpful sources: The handout on D2L, APA manual, and owl.english.purdue.edu • If there are no in-text citations throughout the entire paper and/or no reference page it will result in automatic failure for the assignment • Title page + 5 FULL pages of content + Reference page -Abstract not required. If you do include an abstract, this will not count towards your 5 pages of content -For each page short of 5 full pages there will be a deduction of 20 points (Half a page short results in a 10 point reduction). • At least 5 sources and 3 must be scholarly references such as journals, books, and similar sources other than websites. These 3 scholarly references may be online format. • 12 font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins • Do not write in first person (I, me, we, etc. ), rather write your paper in third person (he, she, they, the researcher, etc.) • Try to summarize and paraphrase more than utilizing direct quotes. (In other words, avoid excessive direct quotations in your paper) • Limit to 1 block quote (block quote is a direct quote of more than 40 words) • Do not use Wikipedia as a source. Online blogs and forums are also not acceptable sources for a collegiate paper • Plagiarism results in failure of the course (refer to course syllabus for more information). -Example of plagiarism= Copy and paste from internet. -Using someone else’s words without giving them credit (correct way: providing a citation with author’s last name, year of publication, and if it is a direct quote also include the exact page number from which the quote was derived). -Self plagiarism- using a paper you wrote in another class
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