what was the best assesses the outcomes of WORLD War 1

answer questions 1-11 multiple choices and 3 essay questions 11-14 2-3 paragraphs on each

1. what was the best assesses the outcomes of WORLD War 1? A)the that killed more civilians that military personnel.  B) it marked the rise of the Ottoman Empire C) although Germany lost the war, it gained a stable & long lasting democracy D) it established Japan and the US as world powers.

2. In Europe before World War 1, competition for trade territory A) less cuts in wages B) started an arm race between Great Britain and Germany C) promptedRussia and Great Britain to begin disarmament D)triggered a series of small wars

3.  How did WW1 begin?  A) the british Navy launched an assault B)Russia invaded Poland C) German forces over ran neutral Belguim D) Italy retreated from the ALPS.

4. President Wilson react to the outbreak of war in Europe?

a) he drew a list of 14 points and sent them to German Kaiser B)he called on american to stay neutral in thought as well as in deed c)

5. President wilson believed the US had the right to sell to belligerents all of the following EXCEPT A)food B)financial services C)military vehicles D)raw materials

6. Why did Germany ‘s transatlantic purchases dwindle to almost nothing between 1914 and 1916 ?

a)Germany lacked the ships to transport goods across the atlantic  B)Germany lacked the funds to go aboard C) the British blockage was effective D)Foreign demand for German goods declined.

7. The tax act of 1916  A)increased leaves on the wealthy B) established on the nations first income tax C)raised taxes on workers D)cut taxes on the wealthy

8.  By the end of 1916 the European conflict

A) had become a total war B)improved dramatically for the Axia powers C)took a dramatic turn in favor of the Allies D)had all but died down

9.  Which of the following best assesses the role of American troops in Europe during World War l? A)they came late so it made no difference on the military side of the war B)they won the war on the Eastern Front C)they were so inexperience that they tended to hamper the now seasoned French and British Troops. D)the played a critical role in bolstering the allies and rebuffing last German offensive

10.  During World War 1 the nations foremost Aferican American intellectual, W.E.B Du Bois A) feared that the war might mean an end to the civil rights movement B)urged African Americans to be the first to volunteer for combat C) called for open black resistance to the draft D) expressed hope that the war overseas would improve race relations at home

11. Why did the name for sauerkraut change to liberty kraut during the war?  A)the renaming was part of a campaign that viewed evidence of German culture with hostility B)a health scandal required producers to rebound the product C)the food was a staple for American soldiers and was renamed as part of a moral campaign D)Producers renamed the product to improve sales during the wartime recession

3 Essay question with 2-3 paragraphs

12.  How did the American Propaganda portray the Germans during World War l?

(2-3 paragraphs)

13.  What is the title you are responsible for in this modele  (which is chapter 20 pages 681-716 in the American Horizons book section edition since 1865) by michael schiller there a few primary sources in this chapter, find a primary source and discuss why it is important to youth better understand?

(2-3 paragraphs)

14.   How did the Spanish influenza impact the United Sates?

(2-3 paragraphs)