What Is The Cost Analysis, For Various Ways This Scandal Has Cost The Institution.

Currently, the NCAA is besieged with multiple lawsuits, governmental scrutiny, and academic and other controversies. Create a presentation about a recent (within the last two years) NCAA scandal and discuss what the scandal has cost the institution. There are various forms of costs, the obvious being financial (donations, enrollment numbers, television contracts, fines, legal fees, etc.). However, costs are also found in other forms such as loss of prestige, reputation, and competitiveness. In your cost analysis, discuss the various ways this scandal has cost the institution.

Be sure to include a synopsis of the scandal and when it occurred. Discuss any financial costs that have occurred due to the scandal. Additionally, analyze any other costs that maybe associated to that scandal. Areas to consider include whether there have been a decrease in donations, season ticket sales, and enrollment numbers. If there have been any firings and alumni speaking out against the institution, these can also be an indication of costs. Use scholarly resources to support your position.