What is a wellness diagnosis?

Everything you are going to need is in the attachment with all the instructions and follow the rubric please, don’t forget to do as it asks. Its article I need one slides PowerPoint. Please just need one slide on part “E– Interventions for Priority Diagnosis”. I need one slide and a side note to explain the slide in detail with references.

This is a community health class, and the research project is going to be about “Sunnyside South Houston Community”. So, part E: Interventions for the Priority Diagnosis, is my part of the project and your job is to find the problems the community faces every day and come up with interventions to help solve the problems.

Health Promotion

Health promotion activities enhance resources directed at improving well-being, whereas disease prevention activities protect people from disease and the effects of the disease. Leavell and Clark (1958) identified three levels of prevention commonly described in nursing practice: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention.

What is a wellness diagnosis?

Health promotion diagnosis (also known as wellness diagnosis) is a clinical judgment about motivation and desire to increase well-being. Health promotion diagnosis is concerned with the individual, family, or community transition from a specific level of wellness to a higher level of wellness.

website for research: Super Neighborhoods (houstontx.gov)