Week 8 Assignment: Physiology Lab Presentation

You will be creating a PowerPoint presentation about a physiology topic. Your instructor will provide more guidance on topics. While the list below may differ from what your instructor may want for topics, it does provide you with potential ideas about what you may be discussing.

Potential Physiology TopicsPowerPoint Presentation Requirements:

  • Present the anatomy and physiology of your topic.
    • Anatomy should be briefly covered and physiology should be explained in depth.
  • You will be expected to refer to and explain the images, terms, and key points on your slides.
    • Include clear, well-sized, unlabeled images (Choose images without labels, or remove the labels).
    • You will be expected to explain the images in your own words.
    • Include key points and terms (use bullets, not paragraphs).
    • Show the anatomy briefly and progress to show physiology.
  • Your slides should be creative and visually appealing.
  • Include four (4) references cited in current APA style and Include at least one non-Internet source.
  • Use the notes section for each slide to fully explain your topic