Unofficial Actors/Interest Groups

“Unofficial Actors”  Based on the lecture, address the following:

  • Many members of the news media say that they are just a “mirror” of society and that they simply reflect what happens in society. They would argue that their influence is relatively small. Using the Anti-Bullying Policy as an example, take a position on whether you agree or disagree with this position.
  • Families may be considered as unofficial actors in many federal and state policies, discuss a policy issue where unofficial actors have made a significant presence in changing a federal or state policy. Justify your response with examples

“Interest Groups”  Please respond to the following:

  •  Using your research from the e-Activity, briefly explain your findings of the following:
    • The number of groups you found
    • The amount of their power and influence
    • Your overall impressions of the research
  • Imagine you belong to an interest group that advocates for a particular policy you care about. Using the e-Activity from Week 4, recommend the best venue for seeking attention to your policy issues, and state your reasons for your selection(s).