the history and the legacy of Racism

Midterm Question: There is Only one extended question.

Drawing on the history and the legacy of Racism in the development of the U.S. in order to justify oppression and using specific examples from the readings as well as the films and class discussion, please answer the following in a well thought out essay:

What was the purpose of the constitution according to Howard Zinn and Dr. Carlos? What role and more importantly, purpose, did racism play in the development of the U.S.? How do The Ideology of White Supremacy and Primitive Accumulation function together? What was Racism used to justify and how was it used? How was the legal system as well as physical violence used against Native people, then Africans and then Mexicans? How is The Mexican American War and Manifest Destiny a continuing legacy of Primitive Accumulation? What settled the war and what rights were Mexicans now residing in the new parts of the U.S. supposed to have? How were Mexican Americans actually treated and for what purposes. What were the main themes affecting Mexican Americans now in the U.S. and why did they face these issues. What tricky role does the concept of citizenship play in the history and experience of Chicanos in the U.S? (Be specific especially in regards to examples to make your point and when naming the specific laws).

In answering this essay please provide specific examples from the readings, films, and lectures to make your case. Ultimately I am asking you to explain the purpose of the legal structures that were create in the U.S. according to the theme of the class and to show how and why? I am looking for your ability to use all the available materials and provide me specific examples from the MANY you encountered in the various readings. You will be graded on your ability to connect various readings with the lectures and films. Please reference where you are getting your information (no formal citation necessary. Example: Zinn in the chapter on Native Americans shows….) Your essay should be no less than 3 pages double spaced (good answers will be around 4, great answers will be 5 or more), 1 inch margins, single spaced heading and Times new roman font. Failure to adhere to the format will result in point deductions. Pleas turn assignment in as a WORD DOC or a PDF. Apple PAGES will not be accepted or graded.