the Federalist and Republican

Compare and contrast the Federalist and Republican (also called the Democratic-Republican) parties in the 1790’s. Which party do you believe best represented the interests of the United States of America…Why?

Be sure to write an introductory paragraph, giving your thesis on this topic, as well as discussing the leaders and constituencies (what types of people supported each party based on their professions and region of the country). Write several sentences to a paragraph about each major issue and its significance that divided the two parties. Finally, write a concluding paragraph explaining why you favor one party over the other. Please note that your grade will not be based on which party you favor, but the reasons for that decision and your understanding of the important issues in the 1790’s. Editors, “Federalist Party.” History A&E Television Networks September 13, 2019. Date Accessed:

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Essay 2 (From Chapter 7)

Discuss the causes and consequences of the War of 1812. Do you believe that there was any one primary cause for this war or were there merely several equally important causes? Based on the terms of the Treaty of Ghent and other issues in 1815, do you believe that the USA won or lost this war? Explain your answer using both facts (names of individuals and events) and logic.

Write an introductory paragraph where you mention these topics and give your thesis statements about the war’s causes and consequences.

Write one or more paragraphs discussing the major issues that caused this war and give your opinion if any one issue was more important than the others. Write another paragraph about the situation at the end of the war and if you believe that this war was for beneficial to the USA. Finally, provide a concluding paragraph where you summarize and synthesize your views. Editors, “War of 1812.” History A&E Television Networks April 23, 2020.

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