symbols and belief systems


For this discussion, we examine symbols and belief systems and how archaeology contributes to our understanding of them. Be sure to complete the readings for this module as preparation for your initial post.


Inital Post

There are two discussion prompt options. Choose one of them and note the option as the subject line of your answer post. NOTE: Answer posts are due earlier than responses to others. Be sure to answer thoroughly and provide APA-style citations as needed.

  • Option A: Discuss how archaeologists interpret symbols and how symbolism contributes to our understanding of past belief systems and religions. Why is this important?
  • Option B: Choose a prehistoric religion or belief system and give one example of an artifact or icon associated with that religion/belief system. What significance is believed to be attached to this object? Include information about the object (i.e. when discovered, where, age, photo).

Response Posts

  • Read through your instructor’s and classmates’ posts.
  • Post a substantive response to at least two other classmates’ initial post. Make sure the post contributes to the conversation rather than just saying something like “I agree with you” or “You did a good job on this post”.
  • You are encouraged to make one of your replies to a peer who answered the other question option.