SWOC/T Environmental Assessment

  1. An organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and threats (SWOC/T) must be identified at the beginning of the strategic planning process.

    You are part of a team of external criminal justice professionals who are tasked with conducting a SWOC/T environmental assessment for a city/organization that has been the subject of budget cuts and/or a defund the police movement, which reduces their overall operating budget by 10%. The contracting organization’s governing board would like a professional environmental and climate assessment report to gauge the impact these budget cuts would have on the organization. They also want to understand how the strategic planning process would be utilized to accommodate these changes.

    Review the following examples: Conduct an Environmental Scan and Conduct a SWOT Analysis to assist you with conducting your SWOC/T assessment.

    Select a security or criminal justice organization that has been the subject of recent budget cuts or police defunding in your state.

    Conduct a SWOC/T assessment that includes the following:

    • -Strengths of the organization
    • -Weaknesses of the organization
    • -Opportunities available to the organization
    • -Challenges and threats to the organization
    • -Conclusions drawn from the result of the SWOC/T assessment
    • -Develop a 700- to1,050-word executive summary of the SWOC/T assessment. Include a strategic approach to report on the budget issues. Be sure to address how the strategic planning process will incorporate the SWOC/T assessment to analyze this situation, aid in decision-making, and allocate resources moving forward.

      Cite at least 3 outside references to support your assignment.

      Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.