Steps of writing a discussion post

Steps of writing a discussion post

Discussion posts are a common type of assignment that you cannot miss in your career. It does not matter what course you are taking, but a discussion post is always set in all subjects and units. Professors and instructors have the norm of giving students discussion posts to help the learners apply critical thinking in what they have been studying. It is an easy type of assignment that requires following simple and direct steps. But it is not a shock to find students failing in this type of assignment. To avoid such, it is important to stick to the instructions provided to you by the instructor.

Discussion posts do not require a unique approach or format; in a discussion post, you may be writing a response to a statement you have been given, or you are required to watch a video and then write a discussion on what you have understood. Honestly, a discussion post cannot make you sweat; you just need to pay attention to instructions. Remember that when you are writing a discussion post, you do not need to write too much information; about 150 to 200 words can be enough. But remember to check the instructions given.

Table of content

  • Go through the prompt provided
  • Have proper preparation
  • Prepare a draft
  • Edit before you submit

Go through the prompt provided

The key to a good discussion post is having a clear view of the prompt provided. No discussion post can be written without the prompt. The prompt will guide you in writing a discussion post, and chances of leaving out important points are rare. In the prompt, you will check various important points before you begin.

In the prompt, you will check the purpose of the discussion post. For this purpose, you will check the reading you are supposed to read or the question you are supposed to respond to. This is the beginning of writing your discussion post successfully. The next step will be checking the particulars of the assignment. In particular, you will check the word limit; remember, your limit can be around 150-200 words in almost all cases of writing a discussion post. Not necessary in that bracket, but you check the prompt carefully. On the particulars, you will also be required to check the due date and time that you are supposed to submit the assignment.

You will also check the sources you are supposed to draw on. If you are given sources to draw on, ensure you have utilized them for a successful discussion post. You will also check the response type; you can be asked to write a discussion post on personal experience, make an argument on some ideas or solve or provide solutions to some problems.

On the prompt, you will also check the formatting that is required. This is very important. If you use MLA style and it was indicated to APA style, this will affect your score, and you will have to revise. If you are not sure of how a particular formatting style should look like, do not guess any formatting style just find the guidelines and start writing while you are checking if everything is correct.


Have proper preparation

Now, after reading and having a thorough review of the prompt, you will have to conduct proper preparation. Proper preparation means you dig deep into the assignment before you start writing the assignment. On this area, you can check the previous feedback given by the professor to see how you can improve on this one. Feedback plays a critical role in writing a successful discussion post. Feedback can help avoid the mistakes you made in your previous post.

After reading the prompt, you can now join in some ideas and words or information you have discovered. It is important to connect ideas because one can forget while researching, which can make your work useless. When connecting ideas, this is not writing; you are trying to find the best way you can present your discussion post successfully and win more scores. Just like how you may find some keywords for your essay, you also need to find the strongest idea that will help connect your information and write a good discussion post.

Prepare a draft

This is almost the last step of writing your discussion post. You need to prepare a draft of the discussion post and then the final one. The purpose of a draft discussion post is for a quality post. It may not be necessary if you have prepared adequately and you believe the discussion post you will write will be okay without a draft.

If you find the question in the discussion post is more than two, you can find a topical sentence that will join the entire information so that you can start writing. In some ways, this makes the discussion post look organized and neat. But also, remember to maintain the format provided in the prompt.

In your discussion post, remember to utilize various sources; this will help develop factual information that helps connect ideas well. And when you are using various sources, remember to cite according to the method provided. In addition, while using various sources, ensure they do not shift the main ideas of the post. Finally, the discussion post must be clear and concise to deliver the necessary information.

If you cite in the text, remember to have a list of references. Once all this information has been considered, one can now start writing the actual discussion post. Avoid exceeding with too much information in the discussion post. Too-long discussion post tends to be boring to the readers.

Edit before you submit

Once the discussion post is ready, you are supposed to revise and check any errors and mistakes. For example, you may have forgotten to write the title, and editing will help you include that. Therefore, always edit before you submit your work.