RLMT 500 Reverse Logistics Managemen

Review the article by Manuj & Mentzner.

1.  Create an essay that applies the Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation Framework (figure 3).

2.  Apply the steps described in figure 3 to create your assessment of Walmart.  Evaluate Walmart operational risks within the firm and the risks associated with suppliers and the risks associated with demand risks.
3.  Do not use the figure in your paper. Use the figure as a guide for creating an essay explaining the risk factors.  Include steps two, three, four, and five in the assessment of each risk.
4.  This paper must be four  full pages and may include periodical or magazine articles as support for facts presented in the risks.  You can include the Manuj & Mentzner article as a peer-reviewed journal article.
Manuj, I., & Mentzer, J. T. (2008). Global supply chain risk management. [Article]. Journal of Business Logistics, 29(1), 133-155.
5.  APA format
6.  Essay includes: abstract, table of content, introduction and conclusion for this paper.