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Topic chosen: benefits vs risks of nuclear waste disposal/nuclear power. My main research question is: Does the benefit out way the risk when it comes to nuclear power and nuclear waste disposal?


Writing the Research Proposal: This assignment will prompt your thinking for the emerging research paper and allow me to offer suggestions on your chosen topic. Use an essay format (3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins) and provide the following information: 

  • Background: Briefly discuss what led you to choose this topic and what you already know about it. What interests you about the topic?
  • Research questions and issues to be investigated: Discuss your main research question(s), what you hope to find out—the questions that exemplify the key ideas of your investigation. Write out the actual research questions. Your questions could center on a controversial issue important to your topic, focus on major trends within the field of employment, or examine people-related issues. (The main effort in the research paper should be to explore issues, challenges, and concerns related to the topic being examined, not simply to produce a matter-of-fact report.)
  • Tentative resources: Briefly summarize and list in MLA format 3-4 credible materials that look most promising from your preliminary research. No website sources, please.
  • Justification: Explain why this is a worthwhile research project. Consider these types of questions: What will you learn by doing this work? How might others gain from your research? What’s the impact of this question/controversy?

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