RAO – Sociology of Marriage and Family




Specific Details about the RAO Process

Students must find and access the online Journal of Marriage and Family through the UNT library system. This is the only acceptable journal for this assignment.

The research article you examine must have some form of data collected. An easy way to tell this is to read the Abstract for what the research article is about. Also, there should be a “Data and Methods” section in your research article.

The following types of writings are sometimes found in scholarly journals, but they are not acceptable for this assignment: research notes, speeches, theoretical pieces (that do not collect and analyze data), and book reviews. Do not complete the RAO assignment using any one of these. 

The research article must be current (2010 or more current), whenever possible. 

Once you find an appropriate research article for this assignment, you will want to examine it by carefully reading it (maybe more than once) and begin completing the RAO Template found in Coursera that guides you through a process of summarizing the relevant details of your research article.

NOTE: Students should try to follow all the prompts on the RAO Template for what to write summarizing their research article. Completing the RAO Template is Step 2 of the assignment and will be in Module 5.

NOTE:  has completed an Example RAO for you to look at to see the level of sophistication your writing should be at and the amount of detail that you should provide in your summary.


Example: RAO Article: Stepchildren’s Views About Former Step-Relationships Following Stepfamily Dissolution

How to Find a Research Article (YouTube Video)

How You will be Graded

Requirements for Assignment – RAO Part 1 Points
Finds research article from the Journal of Marriage and Family and uploads it to Coursera as a PDF file. 50 pts
~From the Journal of Marriage and Famil  
~2010 or more current  
~Collects and analyzes data. Has a Data/Methods section.  
Total 50 pts
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