Questions… Chapter 3 And 4

Chapter 3 proposes that individuals can develop skills to become effective leaders. This is similar to Trait Theory in that it focuses on the leader’s characteristics but is different in that it opens leadership to those who are not born with specific traits. This means that any one of us can become exceptional leaders by identifying skills we need to improve and working on them.

Chapter 4 is very similar to the Skills Approach in that it also focuses on leaders but identifies specific Behaviors that influence their impact on others.

Please answer the following questions in at least 250 words.

  1. Discuss how all the arrows work in the Mumford Skills Model (with Individual Attributes, Competencies, and Leadership Outcomes).
  2. How do attributes influence competencies?
  3. How do competencies influence outcomes?
  4. How do career experiences affect competencies and attributes?
  5. Explain the characteristics of each of the seven leadership styles shown on the Leadership Grid.
  6. Describe how specific leaders exemplify each of the seven styles.