Problem Documentation:emotional handicap

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following information:Problem Documentation – The problem is that 45 % of African American third grade boys who are emotionally handicapped are scoring 60 % or lower on daily math assignments.

Obtain information to verify that a problem exists and to clarify the nature of the problem.

Create a sample 10-item survey with questions or information that would assist you with your research.

Indicate the group(s) that would be surveyed, a brief rationale for surveying each group, the major elements of the problem that you want to explore and verify, and your 10 questions.

Note: You are developing a survey, but are not expected to implement it. If you choose to implement your survey, be sure to check with your administrator about any permissions you may need to obtain first.

Literature Review

Conduct a literature review summarizing all important research relevant to the problem and demonstrating a current understanding of the topic.

You should include at least 7 sources for your literature review.

Consider peer-reviewed professional journal articles and sources dating no earlier 10 years from the current year

List your literature review in the following format:

Author(s) of the study

Title and year of the study

Purpose of the study

Pertinent findings that support your project

Research Questions (1–3 questions)

Question(s) should align to the purpose of the project

Question(s) should align to what your literature review reveals about the problem

Question(s) should be narrowly focused, researchable, and can be answered with data