Physical activity


Physical activity is a large part of brain development and learning. Involving the family is just as important. Their involvement creates a bridge between school and home and fosters the establishment of a community.

Create an activity night for families focusing on fitness, movement, and play that targets the development of fine and gross motor skills of young children. As you develop your activities, consider how you will differentiate for those with special needs, physical limitations, or developmental delays.

In the handout for the activity night, write detailed descriptions of three activities/stations for infants and toddlers to be shared with families and volunteers who will facilitate the activities.

Include in the handout:

  • Directions facilitating the activities
  • Learning objectives or outcomes for the activities
  • The fine and gross motor skills that each activity targets
  • The value of movement and play that each activity has on the development of young children
  • How each activity will be differentiated for children with special needs, physical limitations, or developmental delays

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.