Answer the questions in all the scenario…..


Scenario 2

  1. What are the actions of adrenergic antagonists? (USLO 2.3)
  2. What classification is the drug atenolol? Explain how atenolol works to control blood pressure. (USLO 2.2, 2.4)
    • What over the counter drugs interacts with this medication? (USLO 2.7)
    • What other conditions are you concerned about when using this medication? Why? (USLO2.4, 2.8)
    • How would you evaluate the efficacy of the medication? (USLO 2.4)
    • What side effects are common and rare adverse reactions can occur taking this medication? (USLO 2.5, 2.6)


Scenario 4

  1. What are the actions of cholinergics? (USLO 2.3)
  2. What classification is the drug bethanechol? (USLO 2.2)
    • Why is this drug prescribed? How does this drug work? (USLO 2.3, 2.4)
    • How does the medication impact vital signs? (USLO 2.3,2.5)
    • What conditions or other drugs are you concerned about interacting or be contraindicated with this drug? (USLO 2.7)
    • What are the side effects of this drug? The adverse reactions? (USLO 2.5)


Textbook Reference: Hitner, H., Nagle, B. T., Kaufman, M. B., Ariel, H., & Peimani-Lalehzarzadeh, 
Y. (2022). Pharmacology: An introduction (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill. 
ISBN-13: 9781260021820 


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