Micro Econ Discussion 3

1. Submit a ONE page reflective summary of what you have learnt in the two chapters.(1-2)

2. Under what elasticity conditions would consumers protest a higher sales tax for cigarettes? Why or why not?

3. Discuss the consumer optimality point.

4. Please post at least two (2) issues/questions you are struggling with in studying the chapters for the week so that your colleagues would help you address the difficulty. Please do not post questions from the internet. These have to be your personal difficulty with the material. Also make sure that your questions are clear and not cumbersome or verbose.

5. Endeavor to respond to the set(s) of difficulties of at least two (2) of your colleagues. Please remember to make your first posting by wednesday.

SCAVENGER HUNT: After reading the relevant chapters, find and post any relevant videos or links to online resources that might help the class understand and appreciate the concepts being discussed better.



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