Marketing Discussion

Research Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and discuss whether this strategy can be implemented in a small business such as a local restaurant. Your textbook provides examples as to how Campbell’s soup and Fed Ex use IMC.   It seems like IMC is a “hot” concept right now, but will it work for a small business???


1. Conduct research and provide your researched fact based answer with examples as to why or why not this would work for a local restaurant that has been in business for over 15 years.  You are a marketing consulatant and this local restaurant that has suffered and continues to suffer from the catastrophic effects of COVID needs your help.  Will you put together a IMC package?   Explain in detail why or why not.  Cite your resources for this discussion.



2 a. If you put together an IMC package what would you include in the package?  Explain and give examples



2 b.  If you decided that IMC is not appropriate for a small business such as a restaurant, how would you promote the business?  Give examples.



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