Managerial Accounting


Reflective Journal Specifications Purpose:

The Individual Reflective Journal is to ensure each student is able to contribute to document a critical reflection of their personal learning process, as experienced during this unit. A significant aspect of the reflective journal will be your reflections on what you learnt and experienced from your individual assignment.

Assignment Task:

1.Reflections on the selected peer reviewed journal article based on the assignment topic. What went well, what did not go to plan, how did you addressed any difficulties, and what had you learnt from it.

2.Reflections on the research experience. What was enjoyable, what was difficult, what insights had you gained, and any issues, challenges you experienced.

3.Reflections on what you had learned from the individual assignment, including the relevance of budgeting as a management technique to businesses today. What insights had you gained and what had you learnt from it.