MAC007A- Strategic Management Accounting


Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:

a. Develop skills as a professional accountant in order to create, manage and enhance value within organisations through the use of various strategic management accounting tools & techniques;

b. Examine and apply the strategic management process in an organisation and industry, understand value drivers and value chain;

c. Analyse crucially the strategic management cycle and the leadership role of the professional accountants in strategic management;

d. Analyse the characteristics of effective strategic and corporate social responsibility related performance measurement and controls systems; and

Research Case Study

Driven by increasing focuses on the primary/core activities, corporations tend to outsource supportive activities, which comes with an increasing demand of high environmental and social expectations of various stakeholder groups, of including sustainability as an integral part of supply chain management (SCM).

The strategic management tools of creative value for the organisation includes Total quality management, Kaizen costing and life cycle costing. However, to achieve value in the overall supply chain, the malpractices of suppliers cannot be ignored due to increasing pressure form primary and secondary stakeholders. This entails any unsustainable business practices of suppliers can have a potential significant negative impact on operation as well as business image.

This requires an urgent need of integrating sustainability into firms’ supply chain risk management. To avoid the above mentioned risk it is imperative on business to evaluate sustainability risk practices of suppliers. Based on the above information, research using academic journals to address the following


Research Question 1.

Why do companies form or join intra-industry strategic supplier alliance?

Research Question Q2.

What are the various tools used by the companies to assess the sustainability practices of suppliers.

Research Question Q3

Download the annual report of Coles for FY 2018 and identify the core activities of organisation and industry value chain with reference to sustainability practices. Also identify the steps taken by Coles to implement and monitor sustainability practices in its supply chain.

Research Question 4

Research on Primark and come up with conclusive arguments how Primark optimises its value chain.