Introduction to Organization

Introduction to Organization

During this course, you will be analyzing case studies for a fictional organization, ParlaTech. As we move through the course, you will learn more about the organization, its employees, and the issues that arise related to HR.

ParlaTech┬áis a technology company that specializes in machine to machine (M2M) communication. They offer solutions that allow a remote set of machines to send data back to a central hub, where the data can be measured and analyzed. ParlaTech’s headquarters are in Maryland, but they have clients all over the world. Most of their engineers and R&D employees work in the US, but they also have a call center in Bangalore, India.

Mini Case Study 1 Instructions

You are the HR director at ParlaTech. The CEO, Jacob Zielinski, has asked you to meet with him to discuss some of the ideas he has around tracking candidates for the new job openings in IT and in the call center.


In your memo, include the following:

  • your evaluation and recommendation of a real applicant tracking system,
  • your interpretation of rules and policies regarding employee data collection, and
  • suggestions about what information Parlatech can and should request from candidates for this position.