Group Member Responsibilities

Detailed Description of the Requirements:

There are three parts to consider for this assignment.

Part 1: Project plan

1.1 Group Member Responsibilities

Develop a clear understanding of how each member will contribute to the work of the group, communicate with one another, and ensure a quality product throughout the entire project. This section will require the group to set specific dates for completion of each part. Each student should be allocated one of the sub-systems (three sub-systems in total) identified and contribute to each of the requirements1 of this assignment, as they are related to the sub-system allocated to the student.

Describe specific mechanisms that will ensure that:

i. the group does not rely excessively on any one individual,
ii. controversial issues receive adequate discussion of appropriate points of view,
iii. ongoing work is appropriately reviewed and revised well ahead of due dates, and
iv. the collective efforts of the group yield a better outcome than individuals working alone.

Mechanisms for group communication and coordination should be specific and unambiguous (e.g. all members agree to check their e-mail three times daily; use of a telephone calling list, etc.). Mechanisms for analysis, review and quality control should also be specific and unambiguous. These mechanisms would include (but not necessarily be limited to):

• mechanisms for dispute resolution with the group (egg majority vote, 3rd part arbitration etc.).
• mechanisms for ensuring deadlines for individual efforts are met.
• the manner in which workloads will be redistributed in a timely manner if individuals cannot meet their agreed obligations to the group effort.
• the manner in which the quality of individual input is analysed/assessed and if necessary, improved upon on a timely basis.
• the file naming conventions to be used by individuals and by the group.
• the manner in which assignment documents will be managed in order to facilitate updating and access by various group members.
• the manner in which assignment documents and data will be protected from loss or corruption.
Successful completion of the following activities is necessary for a well-managed project:


Identify project goals and objectives.


Identify and sequence project activities.


Assign work packages (some to individuals, some to sub-groups, some to the entire group).


Establish status reports and a mechanism to monitor quality and progress against scheduled deliverables.


Prepare and present the report to the client.

Please note that the name and ID of each group member should be included on the first page of your assignment report, followed by the name of the case study company that was used for the assignment.