Global Encounters: Achievements and Exploitation”

  • Explain at least two (2) possible reasons for the differences between the results of exploration and trade by the Chinese and by the European states. Consider the reach of the Chinese Treasure Fleet and the global empires that Spain and Portugal established. The connections and cultural learning of China’s fleet sound exciting; explain the possible motives for ending these voyages, and discuss any lessons you see for modern world leaders.

“Global Encounters: Achievements and Exploitation”

  • Identify one (1) statistic or aspect of the transatlantic slave trade that you find most revealing about the human cost of European expansion into the New World. Consider the following: Slavery has been an accepted part of most of the cultures studied in this class. For all the glories we see in major civilizations, there is often an underside of human tragedy and exploitation that was at least as important to that society’s achievements. Discuss the implications of this for human progress.