Foundational Skills

Students will view a video presentation on six foundational skills as they complete the interactive “Escape Room” activity. Note- the interactive “Escape Room” activity portion will grade automatically (once students click the final “submit” button).

Note- It is essential for students to view the presentation videos to gain a better understanding of the six foundational skills, which is a main goal of this course. Pay attention!

Note- A complete list of the university-approved foundational skills can be found in Chapter 0 Introduction of their textbook, or as a pdf in the Additional Materials folder in the Module.

1. Interactive “Escape Room” Activity Instructions: Students will complete an interactive “Escape Room” activity in the assignment folder (look for the link, “Foundational Skills Interactive Activity”). Students should view the instructions, then go through the activity, clicking “next” after each slide. Students should carefully read each slide to learn the foundationals skills and learning outcomes, but know that the e-textbook contains a copy of the foundational skills and learning outcomes, if needed; and, there is a Word doc version in the additional materials folder, too.

Once students review the six foundational skills, they will be taken to the “Escape Room” portion of the activity. Do not skip the intro, as it contains storyline information. Students will be tested on their understanding of each of the six foundational skills with six multiple choice questions. Students should choose the best answer to each question. Students will have unlimited attempts to get through the activity, but must click “submit” at the end to receive their score. The “submit” button can be found on the final slide (after students click on the “Jesus is Lord pen” in the second to last slide).