To prepare for this paper, choose a “popular” film attached below on a topic of relevance to the course. Popular means that the film was produced for the general public and is available beyond the scientific or academic media. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the substance of an argument or position posed to the general public and determine ethical characteristics. Your paper should include all of these aspects:

1.      Purpose – what is the purpose of the film maker?

2.      Question – Is the question at issue well-stated?

3.      Information – Does the producer cite relevant evidence, experiences, and or information essential to the issue? Is the information accurate?

4.      Concepts – does the producer clarify key concepts when necessary?

5.      Assumptions – does the producer show an awareness of what he or she is taking for granted or assuming?

6.      Inferences – does the producer develop a line of reasoning explaining well how she/he arrived at her or his main conclusions? What ethical concepts can be applied to this reasoning?

7.      Point of View – does the producer show an awareness of alternative relevant points of view or lines of reasoning?

8.      Implications – does the producer show an awareness of the implications and consequences of the position he/she is taking?

The paper shall be 4-5 pages long APA format with min. 5 sources.