employment opportunities for students trained in geography

Geography sometimes has the reputation for being interesting, but not very practical. That is only half true! Use search tools on the Internet or other resources to learn about employment opportunities for students trained in geography. Use your research to answer the following questions:

What do geographers do?

What are the growth areas for geography?

How broad or narrow are the job opportunities? Do geographers work in the field, in the office or both?

What does the future look like for geography professionals?

Consider using the Association of American Geographers website for more assistance http://www.aag.org/

2. The Earth is divided into regions. The three main regions that geographers use are 1) formal (sometimes called uniform), 2) functional (sometimes called nodal) or 3) vernacular (sometimes called perceptual). Your text gives you formal definitions for each. Please give me two of your own examples of each region to illustrate your knowledge.

3. magine that you have been hired to find the best location for a landfill outside the growing city of Seattle, Washington. Explain from a physical geographer’s point of view your major considerations. Then explain from the perspective of a human geographer, what are your main considerations?

In your answers, keep in mind the difference between site and situation and be sure to address both.

Consider using the About Geography.com for assistance http://geography.about.com

4. Globalization can be a wonderful thing and it can be a terrible thing, sometimes at the very same time. Find a current event to show globalization,make sure that it is something happening in the world today that has impact in multiple countries and is an event that has happened in the last 30 days.

1) Summarize the event that happened.

2) Explain the local impact to the area where the event happened.

3) Explain the global impact, give examples of more than one country that is not in close proximity to the event area, that still has felt the ramifications of the event.

4) Share you opinion, on how this event illustrates globalization and state if it is a good thing, bad thing or both and why.