Earth’s Greatest Enemies?

Climatologist James Lovelock ( (originator of the Gaia_hypothesis )  once said that Earth’s greatest enemies were the Three C’s: cars, cows  and chainsaws because of their contributions to destabilizing planetary  climate.

A.  In this final Discussion Forum, you will answer the following question  to show your ability to find connections among the environmental issues  that you have learned about in this course.
Number your responses so I can see you have addressed each part. 

You must cite specific evidence from any Unit of the course to support each of your responses.
Each contributing factor is worth 4 points x 3 = 12 points.

1. What and how do each of these things contribute to the destabilizing of Earth’s atmosphere and its climate?

1a. cows?
1b. cars?
1c. chainsaws?


  • Loss of land plants because of human activities will not  result in a reduction of atmospheric oxygen because most of planetary  photosynthesis and its resulting oxygen production is in the oceans.
  • Be sure to back up your  explanations with some research before discussing this topic online with  your classmates. Be sure to read relevant sections of your text (and  supplementary readings from this Module) and look online.  Start with  the links in this question and the Resources listed for this Module.