The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of in-person workers to work from home. Now some people want to continue to telecommute. Is the option to work from home a benefit that can be used to motivate employees, or should it be a standard option when remote work is feasible?

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1. Chapter 12 spends a great deal of time providing evidence about the development of morality in children. How did Piaget and Kohlberg differ in their approach to the study of children’s moral development? Please identify  and describe the stages that Kohlberg believed children would pass through as they approach adolescence. What are the predominant sources that appear to influence the course of a child’s moral development? What are your thoughts on this article that was published in The Atlantic not too long ago? Does it differ from the perspective discussed in the text? 


2. In Chapter 13, the expansion of the child’s social world is a major concept that has been examined. Please tell the class, what are the most substantial changes to the parent-child relationship? To the relationships that children begin to have with peers? As that social world expands, please identify and describe the most common social and emotional problems that children experience during middle/late childhood. As a follow-up to the common disorders that appear during childhood, please read this article and this article and explain to the class at least one significant way in which the child’s quality of life can change as a result of a psychiatric diagnosis. 







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Explain and discuss the following:

1. Explain the four major factors of pharmacokinetics: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.

2. Differentiate side effects and adverse (toxic) reactions.

3. Categorize drug-receptor interactions.


APA style in-text citations and references to appropriate readings to support your responses. Be sure to provide examples from relevant research. 

One reference: Hitner, H., Nagle, B. T., Kaufman, M. B., Ariel, H., & Peimani-Lalehzarzadeh, 
Y. (2022). Pharmacology: An introduction (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill. 
ISBN-13: 9781260021820 

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The Spanish, French, and British all viewed the New World and colonization differently.  Each country had its own reasons, motivations, and methods for establishing colonies in America.  Compare and contrast the motivations of the European powers in colonizing the New World and explain how they each went about the process differently.


3. Answer the Discussion question as completely as possible.  There is no minimum length for these assignments; each question will be different and will require more or less information to answer.  Be sure to include as much information as you can in answering each question.  Be conscious about including more than just the basic facts.  I want to see that you have a firm grasp of the facts, but I also want to see you use specific examples and details that show you really know the material.

4. Stay on topic!  I don’t care how long your answer is, if it veers off topic you aren’t answering the question that I asked.  Whatever you write, make sure it relates to the question and don’t go off on an unrelated tangent.

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Week 10 – Discussion 1

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  • Review this unit’s student learning outcomes (USLOs) below.
  • Respond to the discussion prompt below in your initial post.
  • Respond to classmates in your two peer responses.

Unit 10 USLOs

  1. Discuss the significance of revision.
  2. Use tools that assist in the revision process.
  3. Organize artifacts that demonstrate proficiency in digital and information literacy.

Discussion Prompt

Prompt #1: The Magic of Revision

For this week’s discussion, first view the video below of Obert Skye’s Ted Talk. 

Skye talks specifically about the importance of revision in the writing process, but much of what he talks about can be applied to academic work in general. If you were ranking the points he makes in this video, what would you say is the most important or most applicable to your own personal revision process? 

Do a bit of independent research and present a couple of revision tips to your peers (these don’t need to focus on writing, of course, but the entirety of academic work).  Be sure whatever source you use passes the CRAAP Test and is properly cited in your discussion post!

Include the following items in your initial post:

  • The most important point (or quote) you selected from Obert Skye’s Ted Talk

An explanation of how that quote relates to your revision work this week. Answer all the questions promptly.

  • An explanation of why revision is significant and the role it plays in your academic work
  • Tools you will use in revising your work to submit for the Comprehensive Project this week
  • Tips to share with your peers related to revising academic work
  • Discuss the importance of the revision process in academic work. Also, identify two tools from this unit (e.g., Grammarly, Track Changes, Spell Check) that could help you with revising your academic work. How could each of these tools assist you in refining your work?
  • An APA citation for the source from which you retrieved your tips related to revising academic work.
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First, review the following articles about 5G:

Then, for your initial post in the discussion forum, respond to one of the following questions:

  • Are 5G networks an inflection point that may transform the human/business experience?
  • What businesses are the leaders in the macro radio and core network space, and why is the U.S. government warning against the use of China’s Huawei and ZTE communication equipment?
  • 5G promises to deliver smart cities. What does that mean?