Discussion question: Adolescent suicide

Clinton, T., Clark, C., & Straub, J. (2015). The quick-reference guide to counseling teenagers. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. ISBN: 9780801072352.

McWhirter, J. J., McWhirter, B. T., McWhirter, E. H., & McWhirter, R. J. (2017). At-risk youth: A comprehensive response for counselors, teachers, psychologists, and human service professionals (6th ed.). Belmont, TN: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. ISBN: 9781305670389.

Textbook Readings

  • Clinton et al.:
  • Promiscuity and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Pregnancy
    • Destructive Dating Relationships
    • Suicide
    • Cutting
    • Depression
    • Loneliness
    • Inferiority
    • Guilt
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Abortion
  • McWhirter et al.: chs. 8, 10

You will post a thread of at least 400 words that directly addresses the prompt provided by your instructor and includes 2 scholarly sources in addition to the textbook . All references must be in current APA format.

DQ: Adolescent suicide is a tragedy for all who knew the young person. Choose 1 interpersonal, family, or psychosocial characteristic of adolescents who commit suicide for your thread. Your thread should include how your chosen risk factor may contribute to cognitive distortion or cognitive rigidity.