• Review your classmate’s contributions for pros and cons of one  of the example network setups and determine if they have any gaps in  their understanding.
  • Provide feedback for a classmate’s home network diagram. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?

Diagram 2 is the closest to my home network instead of the cable box.  I just have a router because I don’t watch cable tv. I mainly watch  Netflix and other movie apps. I normally don’t watch tv but when I do, I  have those apps to choose from and I could live stream that way as  well.  I don’t think I need to add anything else it works out just fine.

for my naming scheme, I usually use a nickname and or my last name  and I might throw some numbers in there depending on how I feel. I chose  my naming scheme because it was just something that I felt comfortable  putting which is a nickname and I know that it’s me.

The pros are that it has a simple setup. Having the possibility to  configure a router not required of higher quality than a gateway port  for your phone is provided. The cons are that the quantity of ethernet  ports reduces the number of gadgets that can be linked together with low  wi-fi coverage. I do agree with the pros because I have a password  included, as far as the cons it works out but it also buffers because of  the limited wifi range.

Everything that I use is connected to my wifi including my two TVs  but for some reason, the TVs wouldn’t connect in packet tracer so I put  them up anyway just to show the class how my home setup is.