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Discussion 1

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For this discussion forum, you will pick any one concept that you have learned from the Chapters 1 through 4. Then, you will write three paragraphs (about 300 to 400 words in total) as follows. 

Paragraph 1:

  • Which chapter; Which section; Which topic
  • Area in relation to the international finance.

Paragraph 2:

  • Why did you pick this topic? What have you learned ? Why this topic is worth picking out?

Paragraph 3:

  • How would it impact your knowledge and understanding ? How would it connect with the real world? Why other students should also pay attention to this topic as you found it very important?

Additional Points to Remember:

  1. Respond to at least two others, addressing them directly by their names, with perhaps a question or two, as if you were conversing at a social gathering and were just introduced to the topic. Make sure that you address them by their names.
  2. Read all your classmates’ original postings.
  3. Finally, if your post covers all the above suggested items, you will earn (6+2+2=) 10 points.


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