Discuss on uab researchers: inappropriate antibotics use in ers still a problem

Write 1 page thesis on the topic uab researchers: inappropriate antibotics use in ers still a problem. UAB Researchers: Inappropriate Antibiotics Use in ERS Still a Problem Summary/Analysis The newspaper article by Yann Ranaivo establishes that ineffective use of antibiotics to treat viral infections is still prevalent in emergency departments despite the increased concerns about antibiotic resistant conditions by hospitals nationwide (Ranaivo, 2014). Indeed, the article quotes the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey data from 2001 to 2010, which reveals that infections including the viral infections are still prone to prescribed antibiotics (Ranaivo, 2014). However, the article reveals that UAB noted that antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infection as acute respiratory tract infections accounted for 126 million ER visits in the U.S and leads to antibiotic resistance (Ranaivo, 2014). As such, the article reckons that antibiotics prescriptions still derive a fundamental concern in medicine (Ranaivo, 2014). Notably, the newspaper presents the same information on the prevalence of antibiotics, ineffectiveness of antibiotics on viral infections, the concerns on antibiotics use, and the fundamental concern of antibiotics in emergency rooms as the research article (Shepard, 2014).

Personally, I think that the original research article presents reliable and valid information with regard to the reference topic. Indeed, the original article rely on information from the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and authoritative investigators from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the 10-year period for the study was appropriate, and the research article correlates with other literatures based on the same topic (Shepard, 2014). As such, I would share this information with my patients since it is reliable, current, authoritative, and relevant for adults and children with acute respiratory tract infections. Moreover, this information addresses the fundamental problem of antibiotics in modern medicine. Ultimately, this information would allow the patients to understand the best course of treatment for viral and bacterial infections.


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