Discuss on Nursing Shift Handover.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The key feature not present in this approach is the individual care planning and the gathering of all the information about patients was written inward diaries using nurses notes (Kasseau). In post-modern nursing, shift handover includes communication between the change of shift, communication between care providers about patient needs, handoff, records and information tools to assist communication between care providers about the care provided for patients (Clinical handover).

Shift handover procedures are essential when considering that nurses take breaks from tasks of which they have joint responsibility and that under these conditions communication fosters coordination of activities and accountability. Nursing provides continuous care services to patients and a shift handover is generally a time of. preparation by outgoing personnel. shift handover wherein incoming and outgoing nurses exchange information. and cross-checking of information by the incoming nurses as they take on the responsibility for tasks. The ideal outcome of shift handover is precise and reliable communication of task-relevant information across shifts to guarantee continuity of safe and efficient working environments.

&nbsp.Hospital in the UK, and a relevant literature review. Firstly, an example of a shift handover will be presented. Secondly, a literature review will outline communication theory in regards to nursing handover, as well as review the most up-to-date studies into efficient shift handover in a nursing setting. Thirdly, the key principles involved in developing efficient shift handover will be listed.&nbsp.&nbsp.