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FGCU Covid Vaccine What Parents Need to Know Discussionn Responses
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Florida Gulf Coast University


Synopsis: Children ages 5 and 11 will now be able to get covid vaccinated at the pediatric office with the permission of the school board. Ages 12 and up have already had access to the vaccination and showed promising results. Cases at a younger age have different outcomes but the majority of the outcomes are positive. Symptoms after the vaccination can include headache, fever, and slight cough in all ages.

In my opinion, getting vaccinated at such a young age can be beneficial in certain cases not all. I don’t believe that children should get vaccinated without parent approval. Otherwise, the vaccination can be considered at this point just like a regular flu shot. Personally, I would consult with the child’s doctor and make sure it is safe with your child.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


1.) In what I have learned about the Gilded Age so far I do think that the state government should of intervened in the conditions in NYC tenement homes. The reason why I think is because the state government should have intervened and regulated the conditions of the tenements in New York because they should have promoted social equality and a good quality of life for any individual. Also in addition to preventing situations of crime and violence. During this time period America saw huge economic growth in the north where industries where built. Also in this time period America began to receive immigrants who came to America to find work or start a better life. The tenements during this time where extreme poverty and full of violence. So the NYC state government should have intervened and regulated because it is the government job to promote equality and safety for all individuals.

2.) I do think that the federal government should of regulated the growth of wealth among the captains of industry because during this time period the wealthy people stayed wealthy, and the poor people got more poor. The gap contained to grow the poor people contained to struggled for the basic needs to live. As where wealthy people had no worry and could survive just fine. The captions John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, Andrew Carnegie of Carnegie Steel, and J. Pierpont Morgan, the powerful banker who controlled a great many industries. Their tactics were not always fair, but there were few laws regulating business conduct at that time. So yes the federal government should have regulated the growth of wealth among the captains.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


1. I believe that the New York state government should of intervened and created some sort or code of conduct for the conditions of the tenement apartments. Considering that these apartments homed all of the working class, the people keeping the country moving, there should have been better upkeep on the homes regardless of whatever else was going on in the state. With the conditions they were living in i’m surprised the entire working class wasn’t wiped out from an illness or something like that.

2. I believe that the federal government should have better regulated the wealth among the captains of industry. We kind of face this issue today where the wealthy are sitting on millions of dollars that they either choose not to spend or cannot spend at all. At least now we have taxes based on the amount of money that you make to better regulate cash flow, but back during the Gilded Age we did not have that. If the federal government would have better regulated the wealth of the population there would be more cash flow throughout the country. In return people like those living in the tenement apartments wouldn’t have to deal with the poor living conditions due to the lack of upkeep. Those working class people would also be able to make more money and spend more money thus boosting the economy even more. I can understand the wealthy earned the money that they have but their selfishness is holding the country and the other 99% back from creating a even better country and economy.