Discuss on building information modeling

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on building information modeling. Based on the provided case scenario, wherein NHS faced difficulties in procuring high-speed internet services, the approach of BIM might prove to be an appropriate technological solution for this health service company. This solution might aid the company to mitigate such difficulty in the form of making effective virtual design and promoting facility management.

This article elaborates on the necessary requirements of network energy along with the growing trend of carbon footprints in recent years. It also deals with the new network technologies, which is green network technologies to achieve the real assignment, which relates to innovation solution. This article also deals with the influence of green network technologies over the next-generation wireline network. This technology will enhance the performance of the workforce and operational activities. The impact of the same is also observed in the economy as well as the environment. The reason for selecting this article also is that advanced technology is linked with the innovative solution for European projects. The main objective of the article is to design an innovative solution for wired network infrastructure. In relation to the case scenario provided, green technologies may act as the other technological solution for NHS that would support this company to transmit huge imaging files by following a wired network infrastructure. This infrastructure is usually identified to frame certain design elements that aid in transmitting valuable and relevant files in the form of undergoing through diverse networks.

The article deals with the usages of different types of technologies such as digital technologies. It also deals with the concept of the world’s technological capacity and discusses concepts such as the application of this technology in the life of the people.