City Manager Budget Report Long Beach, CA.


must be in response to the city managers budget report attachment. please read over everything and respond tot the following.

There must be a total of 3 excel spread sheets pertaining to the Long Bach City Manager department (see attachment).

Spread sheet one: similar to spread sheet provided however, displays city managers budget

Spread sheet two: excel sheet of 5% reduction

Spread sheet three: excel sheet of 10% reduction

·         They can be estimations however they must add up.

Must also include 4-5 pages double space paper written in straight forward administrative language describing in detail the budget City Manager’s office including spreadsheets that reflect detailed 2017 expenditures and resulting budgets if the Manager had directed you as the department head to present the most effective budget possible with a 5% and a 10% reduction in 2017 expenditures.  The narratives should describe where and why you made the cuts directed and the impact it will have on your program(s).  The spreadsheets are in addition to the 4-5 pages noted above and need to reflect the current program and program changes.

Discuss major programs – 2017 Department Budget.

·         Why are the programs important to the citizens?

·         What program reductions were necessary to make the 5% and 10% reductions?

·         What process did you use to decide on the reductions?

·         How were the reductions incorporated into the two reduced budgets?

·         What impact will the reductions have on residents and the community?

Attached you will find a more detailed hypothetical 2017 City Clerk Budget for Long Beach.  You will notice that there are additional line-items under Salaries, Wages and Benefits and Materials, Supplies and Services.  These additional line-items were taken from the Pico Rivera 2017 City Clerk Budget.  The percentage for each of the line-items in the attached LB City Clerk Budget is similar to the Pico Rivera percentages.  All four major category totals Salaries, Wages and Benefits; overtime (not necessary a major category but separated from Salaries, Wages and Benefits in LB); Materials, Supplies and Services; and Internal support match the LB 2017 City Clerk Budget and the Total Expenditure matches.  This attached budget would then serve as my Base Budget and spreadsheet for the LB 2017 City Clerk Budget.

REMEMBER, THIS IS SPREADSHEET AND BUDGETING EXERCISE;  YOUR LINE-ITEMS UNDER EACH OF THE MAJOR CATEGORIES DON’T HAVE TO BE EXACT, JUST REASONABLE.  For example, under Salaries, Wages and Benefits the Auto Allowance will not be larger than the PER contribution.

There must be a total of 3 excel spread sheets. Must be on time. No grammatical errors, proper graduate level English. 3rd person language is acceptable.