Chapter 7 Questions

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1.Create a realistic example of a B2B buying center:

Describing, in detail, the different six (6) roles played by members of the buying center.

2.List the four general types of organizational buying center cultures, and explain, in detail, how these may impact the approach taken by a salesperson.

3.Suppose that six months ago, Levi Strauss & Co. began working with a new vendor for zippers, snaps, and other hardware used on its jeans. Now the buying center wants to assess the new vendor’s performance. Describe how Levi Strauss & Co. might perform this assessment. Be specific and include at least 5 criteria,

4.A team of people are brought together to purchase new pews for a church. Father Andrew has been trying for years to get the church to buy new pews, so he is thrilled. Mrs. Swanson, Father Andrew’s longtime secretary, feels very strongly that the pews need to be made of maple to match the old pews, and they need to have cushions for the older people. Everyone is a little afraid of Mrs. Swanson because she manages Father Andrew closely and no one gets to him without her OK. Mr. Jones called the meeting and is the chair of the committee, so he will ultimately choose which pews they will purchase. Mrs. Leverett is the treasurer for the church and does all of the ordering. Using the six categories of roles within the buying center, state which person is fulfilling each role.

5.Describe, in detail, why is it important for sales representatives to know whether a potential business customer is making a new buy or a modified rebuy decision?

6.Investigate the classifications in the NAICS data base at

Links to an external site..


#1what countries are involved with the classifications?

#2 what is the marketing value of the classifications for B2B marketers?

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