Chapter 16 Questions

1.Supply chain management expert Bernard LaLonde once said, “American management’s philosophy has been: If you’re smart enough to make it, and aggressive enough to sell it—then any dummy can get it there. Now we’re paying for [that philosophy].” What supply chain problems will managers with this philosophy likely encounter?

2.As the text states, “Students of marketing often overlook or underestimate the importance of place in the marketing mix.” Why? Create an example to describe how place is important to consumers.

3.Why is mutual trust important in managing a supply chain?

4.Define, in detail, the six types of power that occur in a marketing channel

5.”The best day and the worst day of my business life was the day we got a contract from Walmart,” was  quoted by  a small manufacturer. 

Describe, in detail, what type of vertical supply chain is the manufacturer entering?

Describe, in detail, why would the manufacturer say this?


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