Chapter 13 Questions

Keep answers seperate please. Marketing Class


1.Name a profession in which it might be considered unethical to market one’s services based on the service quality of assurance. Explain in detail why.

2.Dentists know most consumers are hesitant to use their services, in part because what they provide can be painful or uncomfortable at best, but also because much of what they provide is intangible.

Describe, in detail, what is intangibility?

Describe, in detail, how can dentists attempt to overcome intangibility aspects of their service? 

3.Deb spoke to the customer service representative at Sprint Cellular and was told her text messages would be unlimited on her plan. However, when she got her bill, she had been charged extra for text messages. She called the company back and was told that since she did not record the conversation, they could not verify what she was told and she would have to pay the bill.

Explain in detail which service gap(s) occurred in this instance and why.

4.A doctor wants to develop a zone of tolerance analysis for her “Urgent Care” practice.

Describe, in detail, what is a zone of tolerance in service quality?

Describe, in detail, what types of questions (at least 4) would she need to ask to conduct her analysis? 

5.Explain, in detail, the concepts of distributive fairness and procedural fairness. Give an example of each.


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