Ch. 2 The Story Behind the Numbers

Decline in birth rates, Increase in women workers. Found on page 60 of Cohen’s 3 Ed.

Steps for this Discussion

Read The Story Behind the Numbers in the chapter so that you develop an understanding of the information and/or data presented.

Log into WW Norton and navigate to The Story Behind the Numbers animation film for the chapter and watch it.

In the discussion, post an original reaction to what you learn. This means to write 5-10 sentences in response to the animation film.

End your reaction post by posing a question that relates to the topic of the video so that others can respond to your post. Try to think of something you’d like to know about the information and/or data presented.

Respond to at least one other person’s original post.

Example Posting for Ch. 2

Hello Everyone!

I am part of the Baby Boom generation. That’s right! I was born in 1964, which is the last year counted in this generational cohort. All of my older brothers and sisters (and there were four older than me) were solid Baby Boomers. My father was in the Korean War, which was shortly after WWII ended. My mother was pregnant with my oldest sister before he left for war. I guess when he got back (two years later), he and my mom joined in with the national trend to have lots of babies during the economic prosperity of the 1950s and early 1960s. My parents also followed the trend to buy a home in the suburbs like the other children of the Great Depression. As for the trend of more women going to work, my mother only did so grudgingly. I think she always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mother and resented my father for having to work part-time.

My question for you is: Where do you locate yourself on the graph which shows the timeline and steady decline in births? What year were you born and what societal factors can you point to that would have influenced the decline in births at the time you were born?

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