Campus Exploration PowerPoint Instructions

Liberty University offers students a wealth of services designed to help succeed throughout their academic careers and beyond.  To ensure students recognize these offerings and opportunities, students will complete a Campus Exploration activity. This will include visiting 9 different campus service/office LOCATIONS or WEBPAGES.  Students will then create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation (title slide + 9 offices) showcasing these services/offices. Please do not use any other software (do not use Keynote, Slides, Prezi, Pages, etc.).

Note- It may wise for students to review Chapter 0 Introduction, which contains a long list of student support offices for residential and/or online students.

Assignment Instructions:

1.       Using the list of services/offices below, students must visit 9 different LOCATIONS or WEBPAGES; this is the student’s choice, however, online students may live too far away to choose physical locations.  As students visit these services/offices, they will be either required to (a) take a selfie at the physical location; or (b) a screenshot of each WEBPAGE or find a relevant picture/image.

a.       Note- Normally screenshots of websites or web images are copyrighted, and therefore they should be cited. However, for purposes of this assignment, students will NOT be required to cite their images or screenshots, if taken from

2.       Students will then create an 10 slide PowerPoint presentation (title slide & 9 office slides).

a.       The first slide will be a title slide.  It should include (a) the exact title “Campus Exploration PowerPoint”; (b) student’s name; and (c) course and section number.

b.       Slides #2-10 will be based on the different LOCATIONS or WEBPAGES visited.  Each should include:

i.      Service/office name as the title of that slide- i.e. “Career Center”.

ii.      Include either the selfie or the screenshot/relevant picture/image as evidence that you visited each LOCATION or WEBPAGE.

iii.      Include these four requirements: (a) a brief, one line description of what the office does; (b) physical location/room number- i.e. DeMoss Hall, Room 3014; (c) website and/or email; and (d) phone number.

1.       Note- Find the above information on Liberty University’s website.

3.       Add some sizzle:  Choose any appropriate background, font, colors, and text size.  Rotate pics from left/right to keep audience interest.  Double-check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Be consistent with capitalization- i.e. if one bullet is capitalized, all should be.

4.       Students should upload their PPT.

PowerPoint will be graded on (a) title slide; (b) visitation of 9 offices/webpages; (c) description, location, website or email, and phone; (d) mechanics such as spelling, capitalization, etc.; and (e) formatting/appearance such as background, layout (rotation of pics- left/right), and fonts.

Tips for Students:

·         Imagine that this PPT will be used for an incoming student next year.  Make it real.

·         Follow instructions carefully.  Look at the grading rubric before beginning.

Locations (choose any 9):

1.       Academic Success Center (ASC)

2.       Career Center

3.       Office of Equity & Inclusion

4.       Commuter Student Life Center

5.       Jerry Falwell Library

6.       International Student Center

7.       IT Help Desk

8.       LU Send

9.       LU Serve

10.   LU Shepherd

11.   Office of Disability Accomodation Support (or LUO ODAS)

12.   Office of Military Affairs

13.   Online Writing Center

14.   Online Student Life

15.   Student Advocate Office (or LUO SAO)

16.   Student Health Center

17.   Veteran’s Center

Note- Other offices/locations may be acceptable.  Check with your professor before selecting.