BUS220-Applied Business Applications


The MAIN objective of this course has been to learn to use database and spreadsheet applications to manage business data, and to use that data to analyze and resolve basic, real-world business problems. Although you have spent a great deal of time this semester learning the functionality of the MS Office applications, that was only a secondary objective. As explained at the beginning of the semester, this was an important distinction for you to understand so that you approached the coursework appropriately and paid attention to the HOW and WHY the applications are used by a business. In this project you will use what you have learned in this course, as well as what you know from your previous business course(s), to help you make the connection between the applications and basic business functions.

The objectives of this project are to:

1.demonstrate the ability to apply and integrate the applications of the Microsoft Office suite: Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, to complete a business case analysis

2.critically analyze business data for the purpose of making basic financial business decisions


You have been provided with a populated Access database  that contains the financial dat for a fictional grooming salon. Rename the file by replacing the “X” with YOUR last name (for example: Smith_BUS220_SP20.accdb). Use Access and Excel to analyze business performance, Word to document your results in a formal written report, and PowerPoint to develop a presentation for the client.

Business Description:

The business and all data is fictional. No business name has been given, so create your own name for the grooming salon.

The business data that you will be analyzing is from a small (fictional) business that provides grooming and boarding services for dogs and cats. They also sell a limited supply of dog- and cat-related items. The salon has only been in business for a few months. The owner, Sarah Anderson, is a professional groomer. She currently takes a salary of $300 per week (@$15/hour * 20 hours per week), although she works as many hours as necessary each week to service customers as she attempts to grow the business. Sarah employs a high school student, Joe Howard, who works 10 hours per week at minimum wage giving baths and providing walk/play services. Joe has expressed an interest in going to grooming school after his high school graduation. In addition to employee salaries, Sarah spends $500 per month rent for the salon space, which includes her utilities.

Sarah has been getting great reviews on social media and she believes her business is growing, but she would like your help to analyze her business performance to-date and to make suggestions for further business growth and development.