BSBPMG622 Audit Report


Assessment Description

This assessment task is a case study to demonstrate your ability to:

1. Make valid and reliable decisions regarding complex priorities and competing demands using repeatable methods

2. Implement effective management control systems to monitor program progress against organisational objectives

3. Generate audit documentation, presenting information and distributing reports to all pertinent stakeholders

4. Monitor process efficiency and support it with suitable program policy

5. Securely maintain audit records in accordance with relevant legislation

6. Report on compliance to relevant authorities and pertinent stakeholders

7. Identify and implement actions to rectify non-compliant behaviours, processes and products

8. Identify management and internal personnel support needs for the program

9. Implement program support protocols within an organisation in accordance with organisational policies

Outline how you would address the situation. Address the following:

a) Specify what project in your program is currently behind

b) Assess the impact of the issue on the program

c) Outline an action plan to solve the problem referring to the program governance model, program personnel chart, the decision-making framework, the decision-making process, the change process and include notes on the communication strategy to inform stakeholders of the actions that have been planned to resolve the issue.

d) Develop a sample of the decision-making register where the decision was recorded. Submit the sample.

e) Compare the decision made to resolve the issue and their outcomes against program objectives: are they in line with the program objectives? Do they affect the achievement of program objectives?

f) Provide appropriate recommendations for future improvements in the program

2. Implement program systems and methods Solve a problem in the program. Address how you would implement program systems and methods when faced with a severe issue in your program

Based on the program management control system, address the following:

a) What monitoring and controlling systems were used to review the progress of the project in question

b) Develop a sample of an internal HR audit report that was undertaken to identify this issue. Submit the sample. A template is provided.

c) Describe how the audit records data were collected and how they will be securely maintained

d) Outline how the audit report will be shared with relevant stakeholders (specify what stakeholders).

e) Identify what program policies apply to this scenario to facilitate process efficiency

3. Ensure program compliance

Solve a problem in the program. Address how you would rectify a non-compliance issue in your program.

Consider the following scenario

Based on your program compliance plan, address the following:

a) Specify what non-compliance was identified

b) Identify and outline what actions need to be undertaken to rectify the non-complaint behaviours, process or product

c) Describe when and how you would communicate the compliance issue to pertinent stakeholders (specify the stakeholders)

4. Implement program knowledge management

Reflect on the issues addressed in point 1,2 and 3 and address how you would implement your program knowledge management plan when solving those problems.

Based on the program knowledge management plan, address the following:

a) Outline how the issues (and actions taken to resolve them) will be recorded, assessed and shared to support current and future organisation requirements for program development.