Biblical authority for America’s federal system.

write a 1–2-page reflection paper evaluating the biblical authority for America’s federal system. This assignment must be formatted in current Turabian format including a title page, sectional headings, and a bibliography. You must use 3–5 source and also include course materials (textbooks and presentations) and the Bible.

How does Locke’s view of the extent of legislative power and the biblical principles discussed thus far in the course apply in practical was to the following:

·      The structure of state legislatures and roles they have in state government

·      The reapportionment process

·      The structures of state court systems, their selections, and decision making

·      The concept of judicial federalism

In your paper, include at least 1 paragraph for each point listed above. Make clear and specific points of application between Locke’s perspective and other principles from Modules/Weeks 1 and 2 to each of these points. Use Scripture to undergird conclusions about the Christian’s role in ethical research. Apply it, articulately synthesize, and explain how Scripture should form the framework for a Christian researcher.