Environmental Risk Assessment: Collect data to assess environmental risks for your assigned
community or zip code. Asheville north Carolina 28805


Please input your assessment, implications and summary finding. Attached file is the guideline of this homework. Please be specific with your answer base on the zip code 28805 Asheville North Carolina

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Assignment: Health Literacy Assessment
PSLO 1, 2, 4, 5, 6; CSLO 1, 3, 4. 5
Purpose: To determine whether the literacy level of your selected health education resource is appropriate
for at risk populations.
Directions: Select a written (or downloaded from internet source) health education resource (pamphlet,
handout, etc.) that you would find at a healthcare facility such as a clinic, health care provider’s office, or
Using your selected health education resource, write an APA style paper to communicate the following:
1. Define health literacy with a scholarly source.
2. Analyze the impact of low literacy on health promotion and health education with a scholarly source.
3. Identify and discuss three at risk populations for low health literacy (based on community
demographics and risk factors known in the literature for low health literacy).
4. Calculate the literacy level of the selected education resource using the SMOG Formula (SMOG
Readability Calculator:
5. Analyze the results and present report findings.
6. Evaluate the appropriateness of the literacy level of the education resource for the three identified at
risk populations.
7. Explain and justify SMOG recommendations to enhance the readability of the educational material for
the three identified at risk populations.
8. Use only scholarly/professional, peer-reviewed references. Do not use Wikipedia or internet
sources that are not officially recognized as authority websites, as such websites are not scholarly
sources. Also, keep in mind that not every .org domain is an authoritative website.
9. Type written 2-3 double spaced page (NOT including the title page and references)
10. Written in current APA format. This paper should include:
a. Formal components including title page
b. APA running head
c. Include page numbers
d. APA formatted headings in the body of the paper
e. Appropriate in-text reference citations
f. A reference page, in correct APA format
All assignments are expected to be submitted by the due dates. Refer to written assignment’s guidelines in the
syllabus. Late assignments without faculty consultation and consent may result in a penalty of (5) points per
college day past due on any written assignment. Failure to submit a written assignment and/or consistent
lateness can result in a grade of “0” or “F”.


I have attached two files as an example on how to do this assignment. Please check the files and follow the instructions and rubrics. 


Here’s the link for SMOG


Congenital hypothyroidism info-graphic


congenital hypothyroidism pamphlet

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Assignment: Reflective Journaling  
Each student is required to complete three (3) journal entries per quarter. For each of these journals you are 
required to complete the following components: 
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to develop insight about 
their development of nursing practice through reflection. 
1. Choose two (2) reflective statements and provide your reflection as it relates to your clinical experience.  
2. Follow the rubric to address each of the elements of Reflection: Patient, Nursing Process; Clinical 
Experience; Communication/Diversity and Personal Growth. 
3. The journal should be typed and written/double spaced, include a coversheet (APA format) and use 
professional language. 
Reflective Statements: 
1. Today I felt like I applied my nursing knowledge when I…  
2. The thing I did best today was (include the reason why) …  
3. Today I felt my greatest accomplishment was (include why) … 
4. Today, I recognized that my therapeutic communication skills were (describe), when I… 
5. Today, I recognized that Evidence-Based Practice is essential, when… 
6. Today, I demonstrated professionalism when I…  
7. Today I felt sad or frustrated when… 
8. If I could repeat today, I would change how I… 
9. Before I began patient care today, I was most concerned about (include your thoughts and feelings before, 
during, and after the clinical experience) … 
10. Today my knowledge about cultural diversity helped me when… 
11. Today my knowledge about growth and development across the lifespan helped me when… 
12. Today I was a patient advocate when I… 
13. Today I recognized the difference in the Charge Nurse role and the RN role when… 
14. Today, I taught my patient (or patient’s family) about (focus on health promotion, disease prevention, and 
discharge planning) —– and I felt… 

Reflective Journal Tip Sheet

Here is a template and tips for your reflective journal:

  • The assignment must be typed in APA format.
  • Use headers to separate out the 5 rubric requirements.
  • Relate your information to the clinical situation and patient you chose for you Clinical Packet.


Patient Narrative

Overview Narrative that includes both components:

2 Reflective Statements

3 Components of assessment, the patient’s Diagnosis, and the patient’s History


Nursing Process Narrative

A narrative about your experience that includes:

  • 5 components of the Nursing Process
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Clinical Judgement
  • Policy
  • Evidence-Based Practice

            Clinical Experience Narrative (6 Components)

  • Labs
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medications
  • Assessment Skills
  • Procedures
  • Areas of Practice


            Communication / Diversity

Include 4 Components of therapeutic communication. This can be with the patient, family, co-workers, ancillary staff ,etc.  It can also be an assessment of communication that was witnessed.


Lessons Learned

Future Nursing Practice (how this clinical experience will impact your future practice)

APA formatted (cover sheet, double spaced, professional language, grammar, spelling, etc.)


Patient is C.V is a 77 year old woman who is diagnosed with unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance. She was from New York and move here to be closer to her 3 kids. She lives in Suncoast Westminster living facility. This week I did an assessment on her on Respiratory assessment and cardiovascular assessment. During the assessment is was alert and oriented. She answers my question and follows directions. Her vital signs were – blood pressure was 137/65, pulse was 76, oxygen saturation was 92, temperature was 97.1. During my clinical there I also did vitals signs on the rapid recovery site. The interaction with the patients was nice. It felt good to be able to assist them and be able to hear them talk about their life.  I have attached the result for my assessment. Please focus on my report only for respiration and cardiovascular. and also the rubrics for this journal. Title page and references is not included in the 2 pages. If you have questions please email me. Thank you

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