Annotated Bibliography

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:

Link (website): Narrated PowerPoint Tutorial

Minimum of 8 scholarly resources (These are from the Week 4 Annotated Bibliography. Conduct additional research as needed.)

IntroductionFor this project, select a person whom you believe had significant influence (positive or negative) on a movement for social, economic, and/or political change in the 20th and 21st centuries. Explore and address the following in your project:

For the final presentation, make sure to go beyond the surface information and go into depth about the person you are researching.

Here is a brief breakdown of the project so that you can plan your time in the course:



Week 3

Topic Selection

Week 5

Annotated Bibliography

Week 6


Week 8


InstructionsThe final step in the course project is to develop the presentation with audio narration.

You may use PowerPoint or another method (mp4 file) approved by your instructor.

Deliver the presentation in a professional and engaging manner.

Include parenthetical in-text citations support observations made in the presentation. Make sure to read the citations when recording your narration. Do not read the references slide.

Presentation Requirements

Length: 4-6 minutes narrated presentation

Slide length: 5-8 slides (not including title slide, conclusion slide, or references slide)

Title slide

Conclusion slide

References slide (minimum of 8 scholarly sources cited in APA format; not narrated)