AFNR315 Bachelor Of Accounting

Each group is to choose four stock exchange listed companies, two of which must be from manufacturing company and the other two must come from mining industry. Group members will then obtain the latest available annual report for each of their companies from the internet. Groups will be asked to submit a group report that analyses and compares the four companies on several accounting issues to be advised later.

· Hint: The two companies can be from the same industry (Coles and Woolworths) or from different industries (Delta mining and BHP Billiton).

· You have to be prudent and pragmatic on selecting the companies. They have to be large, substantial and must have available information for desk research. You are required to explore and collect information on the companies to complete this assignment. Substantial desk research is also required for this written report

It is highly expected from you to demonstrate the following perspectives in your report:
a. Introduction of the two selected companies
· Company’s name
· Establishment year
· Main activities
· Products or services
· Organizational structure
· Business achievement
b. Compare and contrast the revenue recognition of those companies
c. Compare and contrast the assets recognition of those companies
d. Compare and contrast the liabilities recognition of those companies

Introduction Of The Two Selected Companies:

All of the following are expected – Establishment year, Main activities, Products or services,
1.Organization structure, and Business achievement.
2 Compare and contrast the revenue recognition of two types of companies
3 Compare and contrast the asset recognition of two types of companies
4 Compare and contrast the liabilities recognition of two types of companies
Summary of interesting findings and any recommendation/prediction if possible: All relevant key points were clearly summarised and written in a precise and coherent manner. Recommendation/prediction must also be provided.

Report format Report format is followed with the establishment of an executive summary and a table of content at the start of the report. Sub-heading for each topic/issue is expected. An assignment cover page is also required.