actual or perceived dilemma

research a case involving an actual or perceived dilemma, and then create a case study. Read it thoroughly. Once you finish reading the case study, draft a three-page paper in proper APA Style, consisting of the following elements:

  1. Write a short summary of the facts regarding the ethical element or dilemma that is present. This summary can usually be done in one paragraph. If, however, your case is complicated and requires further discussion, you may exceed the page limit.
  2. The bulk of your paper, will address the three issues listed below.
    • Critically analyze the premise of the case study, and determine its impact on public confidence and organizational effectiveness. How does the public’s perception of the incident and/or organization factor into the equation?
    • Review any legal implications of the case and any long-lasting issues that may arise from what actually occurred.
    • If you had been in a position of authority, how would you have handled the situation differently? Was anything done correctly in your opinion?
  3. Conclude with your own thoughts on the case. The conclusion of your paper will be a short statement regarding your own thoughts of the case. This is your reflection and will be based on your personal opinion and perspective. This section should not require more than one paragraph. Process your thoughts carefully and condense them into a few sentences.

Your case study must be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Your case study must utilize APA Style for formatting; citations and references must be formatted according to APA guidelines. You are required to use a minimum of one outside source.